Stop Attended Process instead of Kill

Is it possible to stop an Attended process instead of killing it? Difference between Stop and Kill.

Issue Description: To stop Attended process, it is observed that the Stop button on the Robot tray will kill the process immediately. 

By the current design, there is no activity that “Should stop” for Robot helping in smooth termination of a job.

The Robot button “Stop” tries to cancel the corresponding process, and if it does not succeed, it terminates it. This means that when the “Stop” button is clicked the “UiPath.Executor” process alone gets killed, but the other processes running in the machine won’t get killed.

  • For example, consider a process that opens a chrome window and displays a message box after that. In this case when the Stop button is clicked after the chrome is opened by the process, only the message box is closed but the chrome window stays open.

The “Should Stop” activity checks if somebody stopped a running job using the Stop option in UiPath Orchestrator. This activity assures a smooth termination of a job since it prevents the sudden interruption of an ongoing process. It also allows the user to configure the workflow such that it performs various routines after the stop is triggered. For example, "clean up" routine can be performed to close windows and applications which have been targeted within the workflow.

By design, Robot can enable to start and stop a process. Once a process is started, the execution status is displayed, with the possibility to Pause, Resume, or Stop the execution. The stop button tries to cancel the corresponding process, and if it does not succeed, it terminates it. For more details , read here