Still the same.... that is ... current element

how it work:
that image show a screen where i want to choose some fields. i’ve got to click the first field ( Vis) then type ( or not) the position and also order (ordenação) and operation ( operação).
If i type, for exemple contains in operation i must type the field in the right with a value like for exemple "contains 7"
my problem:
using explorer i’ve got the fields id that i need ( using a variable to access that line and field). however the last one i cannot do that. the only way that i had found is :
when i’m in operation i send a tab so… the last field is “selected” . after, i would need to find that field id so that after when i use a type activity the text would be in that field.
is there a way to get attributes of an element that appears to be seleted? ( in my case those where the tab as jumped)
thank you for all of you!

Hi @antonio_campos ,

You mean, you are not able to select value from operation dropdown, is this your question?

thank you manoj.
no. what i’m having problems is to type into the next field which is at the right of the last dropdown ( it’s hard to see but you see a little )
As I had said, the only way to reach that field is to send a tab when i’m in the last dropdown but in that case i would need to be able to know the id so that with a type into i would use that information!!!
Thank you.

MANOJ via UiPath Community Forum <> escreveu no dia terça, 7/09/2021 à(s) 15:22:

Have you tried to inspect the element of type into, if you are able to inspect it then show me the selectors.

hi ermanoj3101!
thank you again for having anwered to my last post.
i had do it althought not by the way that i wanted.
what i had do:
for acessing the other fields in a line i had a counter that i increment for each field so that type into or click will go to that field as in my first picture:

for the last one i had used hotkey as in my second picture:
the problem:
it work only if in hotkey i do not use that field attribute ( id or whathever other) as in last picture
as you see i send the hotkey for that aplication but not for any element. As i have “selected” before the element that i want so as far as i can say and for while all is working.
i’ll send you also the selectors of that field:

anyway i must say:
uipath forum is a very very good piece of information. thank you all

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