StepShot abandoned?

@Sophia_Salo i also need an activation code, i purchased from Appsumo.


DM conversation with everyone from above:)

@Sophia_Salo I am also in the same situation as others. I had bought StepShop Lifetime through AppSumo and was working fine on my PC. But I had to format my hard disk and now I’ve lost the file and the activation code as well. It would be great if you would please help me with this. Thank you!

Resolved in DM

I bought a new computer and have downloaded again StepShot. Is there a way for me to login or how do I set up my StepShot again?

Hi Sofiia

I too have StepShot from AppSumo but need an activation code

Thank you

I would also like to use it offline. My old computer finally died and with it my copy of Stepshot.

I purchased my lifetime access from AppSumo

This and above resolved in DM:)

I had a license from appsumo. I had it in a laptop, but my little girl poured water in the laptop and it won´t work anymore. Could you please help? Thank you?

I too am a “legacy” StepShot user and would like to redeem my access to the offline version.

I cannot DM you as you instruct, perhaps because I have not enough “trust” yet on the forum.

Please DM me to send me my code (I can provide the email with which I had signed up back in time to StepShot)


Hi @Sophia_Salo,

I too am an AppSumo lifetime user in need of reinstalling and activating my offline StepShot Guides app. I can’t DM you, probably because I just signed up, but my email for this forum is the same as my activation email. Can you please help me with my activation code? Thank you!

Hi @Sophia_Salo, I’d like to have a code too. Thanks!

@Sophia_Salo - sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to DM you, but I also lost my activation code trying to put the standalone Stepshots on my new Mac. I had an AppSumo lifetime deal as well under the same email address as my account here.

All above resolved in DMs. If I missed anyone by any chance - let me know.