StepShot abandoned?

Resolved in DM:)

If anything else is needed - let me know.

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Hey Sophia Salo,

I have a similar problem like tekwhisperer.
I want to reactivate my step shot pro but I`ve lost the activation-codes.
I have no clue how to get them.

Can you help me?


HI Andi,

I just DM-ed you:)

Hi Sofia,

I too have an old StepShot account and would like to obtain the codes so I can operate the app offline. Please assist.


Hi David,

Sent you a DM:)

Hi Sofia,

I am in the same boat. Just tried to use my desktop stepshots v.3.0.0. I am a lifetime member via AppSumo and it is now asking me for an activation code. I haven’t used it since Nov of last year and it worked just fine then.

Thanks for your help.

Hey Jason,

Just DM-d you asking for an email address:)

Hello, same issue here. Can you please DM me for code?


Hello - same issue here, just got a new PC (windows 10) and wanted to reinstall stepshot on it, but I can’t even find where I could download it. Could you please help?

Resolved in DM:)

Messaged you via DM:)

Hi Sofiia,
can you send me please offline activation for stepshot too.