Steps to Create workflow to send Exception mail

I’ve a question, during academy the instruction indicates to send the email in case of exception.

  • Send an email with the exception. It is recommended to create a
    separate reusable workflow and invoke it in the Then section

which are the steps to follow to create this workflow, there’s something I missed in the academy?

Thanks in advice

I use it for all my processes so i made a reusable workflow for sending the mail.
You can make a reusable workflow by extracting the workflow and later invoking the same workflow.
My advise would be to make a folder where you store all of your reusable workflows.

Kind regards

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Yes, thanks for your help :grinning:

But i was looking mostly for instructions to handle exceptions via email step-by-step, if there’s something like that in academy or from other source.

Maybe this link will help you out?

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