Steps to configure Google Authentication using OAuth2.0

How to configure Google Authentication using OAuth2.0?

Please follow the steps given on this link to get the client ID and secret.

Step 1. Login to Google Cloud Platform Console-

Click on the Create Project


Step 2. Provide the required details and create the project-

Step 3. Go to API Overview

Step 4  Click on Credential and then Create Credentials-


Step 5  Select OAuth client ID, this could ask for a consent configuration, please click on the same and configure it


Step 6  Select the one among the two as per your organizations setup-

Step 7 Provide all the details for the consent and then save the same-

 Step 8  Now go back to the Credential page and click again on the create credentials-> Oauth Client ID and provide the required details-



Step 9  Click on Create and this will give the Client ID and Client secret.

Step 10  Copy the same and configure in the orchestrator web.config file

Step 11  Rest the IIS and the Google authentication has been configured.