Stayed logged on with unattended bot

I’m developping an UIP-APP like the akademy demo with the ui path bank (Terminal-Demo). But as I want to do this on an unattended machine every single process will logon-on to do the activites and logoff again. This takes much to long.
I would like to assign an unattended machine, where I can start a session and navigate in the app if an user wants to get another account for example.

Perhaps we have to create a process where it looks for value changes, textfile changes or something else (Queues?). Otherwise only a signle task will run.

To detail:
User starts UIPAth APP (unattended machine will log-on and open Demo_App\TerminalEmulator.exe)
User requests account or Tom Crusie, and gets ProductName
User requests account for Ned Kelly and changes Balance
User requests details for other customers (i.e. when they call in)
At the end of the day, users shut down the app and the unattended bot will log-off

I see I can change values as a Rule, but how will my robot knows, that this mean to start a new round to collect data

Can we start a process which starts the logon etc. and hold the process until eob? And at the same time let run another process (which checks if the app is already running)?


First you want the user to update the Excel based upon some business cases

Then this is a attended automation, not an unattended automation

If you want to do in a hybrid automation, then you need to have a UiPath App

Idea is as below

  1. Create a UiPath APP where user will have the access to the uiPath Form
  2. Once you submit the details you can save it to some Excel file and from there your unattended bot will trigger the process
  3. Maintain a column that shows the status like New / Completed

For More about UiPath App, Check below

Also you can do with a website also but this time for invoking the unattended automation you need to work on API’s

Hope this may help you


Thanks for your help, but I don’t understand the first note. I don’t want to update any Excel, I want to have an unattended automation and yes, the issue is about an UIP APP.
Have you seen this video:

This shows my use case with one difference: this will work as attended. But I want to get this run unattended. I can start the process on an unattended machine, but this will log-on for each process.
Your idea with an status excel file sounds good. But which activity will listen to an excel trigger?


I belive you can try with the File Trigger

Hope this may help you