Stay in For each row loop and go through different flows without invoke from loop

How can i stay inside a (for each row) loop and do not invoke other small flows from loop or from flows but return to Main file and go further from there while staying in loop?
Or its not possible?

we can keep the For each row Loop in the Main xaml and keep the rest of activities inside the for each row loops
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so it means dividing the activites of flow in small flows is not a good idea if it has to run in for each row loop?

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Dividing the code to small piece of code is always a good practice
But as your are using in FOR EACH loop it might take it to complexity that’s why while invoking the arguments that’s why buddy
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I got your point…
As I use for each row and issue is even i dont need an invoke i have to invoke it otherwise my for each row is not going to next flow…

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Hi palaniyappan

How can i add a GenericValue to DataTable?

I want to write person ID which i gave type genericvalue… because it contains number and (-) like 12345-234.
A genericvalue type variable contain the ID but when I try to write this to table it said a generic value can not added to DataTable.

kindly also tell what is best way to create a table to write to it… build a table or anyother best way.

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We can pass that generic value as a String with .ToString along that value or with its variable

Then to create a new datatable BUILD DATATABLE activity is really a good option

Cheers @Latif

its not working for me.
I can show you…

help plzz… i need to understand that why i can not insert a generic value to duild-datatable even im typing to string as well.

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To add a value to Datarow
Either with assign activity or ADD DATAROW activity

If assign activity is used we need to now the column name or column index along that Datarow so that we can mention like this
dt(“yourcolumnname”) = Yourvariable.ToString
dt(columnindex) = Yourvariable.ToString

Or we can use ADD DATAROW activity with the value mentioned in the ARRAYROW property and mention the datatable to which the Datarow must be added

Cheers @Latif

if we chose the Add Data Row and not Assing… then how do we specify the file means by the excel file name where this data table would be shown?

it works… I have come to add the data from Build DataTable to Excel file with header …

but problem is… it overwriting the data of table row when a new ID come … :frowning:
im running this in for each row loop so when it has done writing the data to Table it goes to other WF and do rest of the loop work.
Then it takes a new ID and do the same step… and when it come to add row its writing to same row.
Means its using same row to type and then the old data is no more…

How to solv this :frowning:

I’m closing this as my problem is solve. So big thanks for your help on every topic.

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Cheers @Latif

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