Status Update in the Datarow?

I want to update a particular column in a datarow with a status “Completed” using its Column name.
Using for each?

You can use it datatable and loop through it and use if condition to check the exact match and then use Write cell to update the status

But i wanted using datarow?

Hi @Manish540,

if you now your column as data in all rows you need to use, inside the for each row use,

Write cell to update the status OR use addrow activity
after use brake to end the loop process

perform your normal work

this will let you now when you have no more data to work in that column

we can do that with a assign activity like this inside the FOR EACH ROW activity
row(“yourcolumnname”) = "Completed"

this will update all the rows of that column with this value

Cheers @Manish540