Status tracker for trans. records in RE Framework

I am using RE Framework for my POC, I have a situation where i have to skip one of trans. based on some conditions and go to next trans.

I am maintaining a status tracker for each records, and in the above case also my trans. gives me that my trans. status as “Completed”, where as i want it to be failed as its skipped.

P.S - Attached image is the screen, I want if its goes to else part then it should print that status as “Failed”, I am attaching the SetTransStatus workflow too.

SetTransactionStatus.xaml (55.7 KB)

You can throw a business exception when those specific circumstances occur.

Just use a throw activity with the following exception:

New UiPath.Core.businessruleexception(“Name of your exception”)

That will mark the transaction as failed in your queue


didn’t worked, or may be i did wrong.

do i need to do anything else other than using a throw and putting exception.

Hi @indrajit.shah

It looks like you are processing a data row, and not a queue item, which is fine. That’s a background check…

So, if you want to mark it as false, my suggestion would also be to trigger a business rule exception as @AndyD mentioned. So in your IF condition, in the else section, right after the click activity, you can have a Throw activity and send out a business rule exception.

New BusinessRuleException("Your Exception Message")

As I see you have tried this and it seems its not working. May I know how you did this and what was the output of it?

thank you for your reply,

I had added a throw but after that do i need to do something else???



Ideally, that’s all you should do… Because, in the SetTransactionStatus, the condition says this,

If business rule exception is not nothing, it will assign the status as failed

So, it should work. Once you did this, what was the output you got?

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it worked but it wan’t working in debug mode.

@AndyD and @Lahiru.Fernando thank you both of you.

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Yep… it should work :slight_smile: Not sure why it didn’t work in the debug mode… May be something just went wrong while running.

Anyways, if it works… then we are good :slight_smile:

yes, but still have to figure it out, sometimes to inspect and error or issue had to debug.

Below is the runtime error am getting

oh right… I got it now…

So in debug mode, every single error is thrown to you. Application exceptions, business exceptions etc. It is because you have the Throw activity. So as the name implies, it does the job by throwing the error to you :smiley:

It’s nothing wrong with the logic or the code, its the way it works… So if you run it in normal mode, it will run the process without throwing the message to you. All that will be handled in the background as a normal execution…

So, you are all good here :slight_smile:

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so, every time if i am debugging i have to comment that throw, else as i observed if i ignore it, it pass trans. status as success

Yes… in such cases, if you really need to debug you might need to comment that part out unless you need to debug that particular piece of code only. Or else, you could do a normal execution using the output panel to track errors.