Status Report (Excel)

Hi All,

Can anyone please help me on Status Report ? I want to create a status report where it should show the transaction status, last run time etc. How to do it through REFramework ?
Help me asap. Thanks in advance


If you dont have orchestrator you can do this using ‘append txt file’ and adding append txt file throughout your workflow at important points you want to track. I generally use it on decisions, at the start and finish etc.

But how can i log the time last run time ? I want to create a report in Excel. So Excel is possible ? How ?

Yeah, you can use the first or last thing in your workflow as an amend file or write cell (workbook, or excel activity).

Use something like now.ToLocalTime.ToString or just now.ToString

Its up to you how you want to do it.

Generally what i do is log when the workflow starts, and when the workflow finishes, and count the amount of line items the workflow completed - i then report on line item run time as well as having the start and finish times.

I need an example please ! where should I append my excel ! I need Last run time ,transaction status. If any idea then please let me know. Thanks. (8.0 KB)

Something simple like this. All you need to do is write to cell at the end of your line item.