Static selector issue for different model

Hi guys,

I am trying to select a price table for different models from

When i use data scrapping selector is common for all models due to that data is appending themselves, When i try to use Write CSV model Name first model its writes correctly and the next model data is taking the previous model price also , can someone help me how to overcome this issue ?


can you share what you are doing in your workflow?
I understand the scraping but it should not duplicate.

Here you go nadim.

Toyota.xaml (47.8 KB)

Ok so the issue was that the data that you are extracting each time is appending to the same datatable
Because of that the new file also had the previous data in it

To overcome that i used a Clear DataTable activity and then it works well :slight_smile:

Toyota.xaml (45.8 KB)

Details here:

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Bravo :slight_smile: Working fine.

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Just keep a :white_check_mark: that now the datatable is same for the loop and has to be different for other extractions :slight_smile:

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