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How can change in dynamic,this is is a static code

You can use, Now.toString("dd/MM/yyyy") instead.

Can you explain in brief

Now Gives you the current time. If you want the time as string, the

will be the solution.

Before using Type into activity use a ASSIGN activity and pass the filepath as a input to STRING VARIABLE named str_input
–now use that variable in that TYPEINTO ACTIVITY like this str_input.ToString

then for SET TEXT activity we can do as @kuppu_samy suggested if we are trying to pass todays date as input
as Now.ToString(“MM-dd-yyyy”)
if we want to pass any specify any particular date string as input then assign them to any string variable named str_input1 and str_input2 and mention them in the SET TEXT activities as input

Cheers @himanshur

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How can static code change in dynamic.Please help me

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we can pass the variables to activities
and those variables will hold the values we want so that if they change dynamically the variable will get updated and will be passed with value to the activities

Cheers @himanshur

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