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I am using a website, wherein i need to select a states from the dropdown. BOT is trained to pick the state from the excel file and using type into activity to type the state on the website. It is working fine for all the states but not working for the states which has same name. for below states
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
From the above mentioned state if New jersey, New mexico, new york is mentioned in the excel sheet bot would pickup the value as it is from the excel sheet and type it on the website but due to site functionality it is selecting New hampshire.
tried many ways to control it in the workflow but not able to do it.
please advice what can be done

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Can the website find the state if you would type ‘Hampshire’?

is it about typing in into a textfield/area or about selecting from a dropdown?

No it would not find

typing it into text field area

ok, but when you this do manually, if you wait a little bit after type the whole state name, does it work?

No it doesnt but when it retype it it goes to New Jersey, when I retype it again it goes to New Mexico and new york
It there any way I can compare to states name
BOT to only retry if state name doesnt match

Yes, i guess you can use an IF condition to verify before clicking, but if you already know that only those cases give you problem, than use an IF condition before typing like this:
IF (varStateNameFromExcel.StartsWith(“New”)
type two times
Type only one time

But for New Mexico I need to type 3 times and for new york 4
how can I identify it in if condition

Does your texfield has an auto complete feature?. We do know similar behaviours caused by this from other bot implementations

No after typing the state we send hoy keys enter

maybe you want to type into more slowly and put a little delay before sending your enter, this may work…

did that it isnt working
the only way i am thinking is to match the length of keyword after new using regex

Hello guys,

I’m a pure novice and beginner in rpa with no background in programming. I find it difficult to use the Studio I downloaded. Some buttons (like record button are missing), and I can’t even replicate a project. I don’t know what is wrong. Please help.

hey @bcorrea there is string named as statename in which i have a state name
is there any way if i can take out that value

Please create your topic for this.

You should start you own thread friend.


ok, thanks

If you can somehow get the selected value (e.g. via clipboard) after typing “New York” then you could compare with the expected (i.e. “New York”) and if not match retype.

In some Citrix automations I use approach like follows to verify that typed text is correct:
get clipboard
if not match go to type


Can you please advice me how can I do it