State Machine inside Main xaml

This will be incredibly obvious to someone. To setup a State Machine like the REFramework, how do you insert the State Machine into the Main xaml without also inserting a Sequence activity? When I drop the State Machine in it automatically creates a surrounding Sequence and there isn’t an obvious way to delete the surrounding Sequence. Apologies for the trivial question!

Hi Chris,

Not sure why that happens but a way around this would be to create a blank project, then instead of dragging a “State machine” activity into your Main.xaml, create a new workflow that is of type “State Machine” (using the “New” dropdown in the top left). This will then create a new xaml file that has a State Machine without the surrounding sequence. You can then make this workflow your “Main” workflow by right clicking on it from your Project list on the left hand side panel and selecting “Set As Main”.

Hope that makes sense!

Thanks. That worked with the addition of deleting the default Main.xaml and renaming the StateMachine to Main. Now just one workflow called Main which is a State Machine.

Many thanks!

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…having of course set the StateMachine workflow to Main.

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