State machine delay for 1 minute on GetTransactionData


I’ve noticed that our state machine process mysteriously delays for 1 minute when exiting out of the invoke activity “GetTransactionData” (screenshot below). Could anyone suggest a fix for this please? An extra minute per transaction is adding a lot of time to our overall process.


whats the content of GetTransactionData? Is it getting data from a queue or excel etc?

Is there a Delay Activity anywhere inside the GetTransactionData.xaml?

Hi @jack.chan! The data is coming from a queue (emails) which have all been added to a collection.


Hi @rpavanguard! I can confirm that there is no delay activity anywhere.


Hmmm… Difficult to diagnose unless we look into the flow.

Isn’t getting timeout from some activity inside the get transaction data?

Please check the timeout of Get Transactionitem is set as 60000 or not?

And also please check whether u had provided element exist activitiy there


Please find attached workflow. I’ve checked and there are no timeouts or delays. The delay appears to be happening once the process has finished running through the get transaction data workflow. Should the timeout of the invoke GetTransactionData workflow be set to 60000? It is currently blank.

GetTransactionData.xaml (9.9 KB)

Something seems to be missing here. What happens when the Else condition becomes true?

There is nothing there that tells your flow that it must stop by setting the out_TransactionItem = Nothing.

Thanks. In other processes I have the invoke “Close All Applications” in the ELSE area. Would this be contributing to the delay though? The delay appears to happen whilst there are more transactions to process, and the bot follows the THEN path in this process.