Starts a process only when a new data is added to database

Hi, I have a process that I need to run just when new data is added to a database, is there a way to link that database to orchestrator and make it starts only with new data?




Hi @Alamyr_Junior ,

You can trigger the bot after every 15 to 30 minutes to check whether the database have new data Or not.

And for check the new data in database you can use the previous database count with the current database count after triggering the bot. so bot will get current data count and match with the previous data count and you can store the previous data count in the temp table and update it after getting new records.

Also, if no new records will found then bot will be stop.

Hi @abu.behlim, I already do this way but I have to run every minute, I’m trying to find out if there is a way to connect the database directly with orchestrator and new entries be the trigger

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Alamyr_Junior

Try webhooks for it to trigger a Uipath process when a new entry is added to database

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I have no idea how to do that but I will search, thanks

There is a way. If sth is added to database it could be also added to the queue in orchestrator via API. So application should add record to database and to queue. Then you can set trigger to start a robot when new items are available in queue.

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Hi @Alamyr_Junior,

Normally there would be a dedicated backend which would handle the communication. So depending on your scenario you might want to look into some more “appropriate” and robust solutions.
However, if it’s not an option for you … you can, alternatively, setup a trigger on your table and set it to send an http call to the orchestrator API on every data insertion.


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