Starting UiPath studio: which exe file should be used?

Hello community,

There is something on my PC about starting UiPath studio, which I don’t understand and the colleagues haven’t had this problem. Either I cannot find the answer here in existing discussions.

Right after the installation of UiPath Studion the applicationg gets started normally. The start page looks like this:

This is, as I understand, UiPath Studio. This application can open UiPath projects.
But after the saving the first project another application gets started each time I click on to the UiPath icon in Windows Start menu. The start page of this application looks like this:

It seems to be anothe application and it’s not possible to open the UiPath projects with it.

Why does it works so or what do I do wrong?
Thank you for help in advance!

Hello @dapachev,

The images correspond to two different versions of UiPath Studio. The last one is version 2018.3

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Your UiPath version has been upgraded to 2018.3.0 and this is the reason you are seeing a new layout of options. Try to open C:\Users\<your_user_account>\AppData\Local\UiPath\UiPath.Studio.exe

Vishal Kumar