Starting a process that has a data format at the end of the file

Hi All, i have a .csv file that i download from my OCR web portal daily. i need to open this file automatically when I’ve downloaded it.

Now i know i can open this file using a click activity on the download bar at the bottom of my browser but was wondering if there is a way to open a file that has a data format at the end of the file. so nameoffile-YYYY-MM-DD.csv using a open process activity?



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yah of course
we can use START PROCESS activity where we can mention the file path like this

Cheers @JoshBurke

I recommend using an Excel scope, since you would be opening it in Excel. Unless you want to open it in a text editor like Notepad. But, Excel scope will attach to the window when it opens so you can perform actions in Excel.

Additionally, you could use Read CSV and not open it. Then, using Excel Write Range to output the data to a new .xlsx file if desired.