Starting a Process In Orchestrator

Am I missing something?

When orchestrator changed design, everytime I click the start a process “Play” Icon


I then have to select the process I want to start? Is this a bug?

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You are not missing anything it is correct

@loginerror @Pablito

Can you check into this

It may be useful for next upgrade

Jobs already have individual play button

so if it display only the job priority and remaining tabs except Process Name and selecting again manually
can be auto fill the Process Name also

Just sharing my view


Hi @Jersey_Practical_Sho
This is nothing but hope you have change some signing types
as the reason of this might be your exiting process created before interactive signing and now u are trying to run this through service Url


Try disconnect and connect with your machine key one Uipath assistant , hope you will see the all processes available to run

Yes, it was a bug, should be fixed now.


Yes all fixed now

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