Starting a Job through REST API with arguements - Orchestrator v2017.1

Orchestrator v2017.1

I am creating a website/OrchestratorUI that I would like to integrate with Orchestrator’s REST API to allow users to login and run a handful of automation processes. For some jobs they will need to provide an argument such as a string containing a network device name. This seems like a better alternative to having users login to the robots and run attended automation jobs.

  1. Can I start a job with arguments using REST API? I didn’t see anything in API documentation.

  2. If not, then I how do I add a new Transaction Item to a queue using API? When I tried following the API guide I’d get the response {“message”:“queueItemParameters is null!”,“errorCode”:0}.

API guide v.2017

My code (Using python and flask to build website):
def new_queue_item(queueName, ciName, key):
url = “https:///odata/Queues/UiPathODataSvc.AddQueueItem”

myRequest = {
            "itemData": {
                "Name": queueName,
                "Priority": "Low",
                "SpecificContent": {
                    "DynamicProperties": {
                        "CI": ciName,
                "DeferDate": '',
                "DueDate": '',

    response =, headers={'Authorization':key, 'Content-Type':'application/json'}, data=myRequest)
return response.text