Start UiPath Robot from AWS Lambda

I am trying to start a bot using orchestrator API from AWS Lambda (Node.js). I will appreciate if anyone has any experience or can provide some help.

Did you ever figure out this? I’m trying to do the same thing.

No, still no luck. Very close to it, getting error while invoking Orchestrator Authentication API “logInModel cannot be null”. WIll update if i got any leads.

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Please do.

Hi, I am able to integrate AMS Lambda with UiPath (AMS Connect - AWS Lambda - UiPath Orchestrator). The bot is starting fine but I am getting error in AWS lambda for reading response. But at this time for me most important thing was to start the bot and is working. I will work on resolving the error and update you. If you need the solution before that let me know and I will share. Thanks

Hi Atul, if you kind enough to share solution with me. I’ll highly appreciate it!

AWS-UiPath Integration Working - For (147.0 KB)

Step 1. Download and unzip the “AWS-UiPath Integration Working” zip file
Step 2. Update the index.js file with the required details for UiPath Bot
Step 3. Zip everything under “AWS-UiPath Integration Working” to (You can ignore READ ME file)
Step 4. Create an AWS Lambda Function and upload
Step 5. Add Permission to AWS Lambda Function
Step 6. Test the Lambda function

You are all Set!

*Note: This code has some issue. You may get a Type error “Converting circular structure to JSON” but it should still invoke the bot. I am working on updating the code for,

  1. Resolve the error
  2. Get the Password from Orchestrator

Any help is appreciated if you find the solution for the above two items.

Hi @atul.trikha thank you for your response. I’m being trying to remove the error for “Converting circular structure to JSON” Did you ever came around a solution for it?

Hi @atul.trikha I’m having the following issue. Do you know why this may be, or how to troubleshoot better?


Hi, Its been a while I looked into this but let me go through it and I will get back to you.

Atul T