Start robot from command line while logging on orchestrator

Hello everyone,

as the title states, I would like to start a robot using command line (activated when I recieve an email with certain subject). After I read the others topics I was able to do it by setting a rule in Outlook. Now that the robot starts after the specific email is recieved, is there a way to also log this execution on Orchestrator?

(Of course, both Studio and Orch are licensed and connected to one another)

I already tried to make a “robot that starts the robot” by using the tray but, as I learned later, I can only start one robot at a time from that interface

Do you have any idea? Is there an activity or anything else I can use to achieve the desired result?

Too tough a nut to crack, uh?

Use the Outlook rule to trigger a robot that uses Orchestrator’s APIs in order to start the Main Robot. The Main Robot, after it is started, will wait until the triggered robot finishes its task on the VM, because of the Orchestrator handling mechanism. That is all.

Another approach is to insert in the Orch DB a finished row (containing your robot) from the Main Robot (no need of intermediate Robot). But this is not a good practice from my view.