Start process creating multiple instances of conhost.exe


I’m having a problem when I use the Start Process Activity. I’m using the Activity to close programs using cmd. This strategy was working fine until last week, when the Start Process Activity that I use to close programs using cmd starts open a conhost.exe instance and does not close it. Then, after a few hours of the robot executing tasks, a hundred instances of conhost.exe were open in the Task Manager consuming the RAM and make the machine slow. I’m using a machine with Windows Server 2012.

When I open and close the cmd manually, the conhost.exe instance is not created. Can someone help?


You might consider the Kill Process activity to close the conhost.exe.
Reference here for some ideas: Print all processes

You can Get the processes then Kill “conhost.exe” using a ForEach so you kill all of the instances in between tasks.

Alternatively, you can also run your current method through a Do While until the process can not be killed any more or something similar to that.


The kill process does not close the conhost.exe. I don’t know what to do.

The Kill process return an error saying “Acess Denied”

Do you have administrator rights? If not, then Kill Process will probably not work unless it’s being run under your the user id’s session, which then you can try doing a “Kill Process per user” which is also in that thread I posted.