Start process activity stays in executing mode after opening a file

I have designed a workflow that logs in to SAP loops 4 times to get data and write that data into an excel sheet on SharePoint. its all perfect except that,

the Start Process activity that opens the excel file successfully, cannot seem to move on to the next sequence and stays forever in “Start process Executing”

NB:// when I loop only 2x, Start process is able to move to the next sequence after opening the share point file. And the whole process is able to run without any issues.(This sometimes requires I restart UiPath studio)

is there any reason why the Start Process is acting this way?

Thanks in advance for your response

you are using start process to open an excel file. so that excel file you are opining is exists on local system? or in temp directory?

the Excel file is on sharepoint and I have mapped sharepoint as a drive on my pc.
so I can successfully open the excel file by just using a path

So after the 4th loop it successfully opens the file but it never moves to the next sequence, and it never times out or crashes, it just stays in executing mode in perpetuity

Seems like Excel Interop background issue… @andrzej.kniola any views?

@William_Adomako, might I ask if the “Start Process” activity is contained in a “Monitor Events” activity?

@burque505, the “start process” activity is not contained in a “Monitor Events” activity. Should I try that?

@burque505 @aksh1yadav, let me share how I have worked around the issue. As I have stated earlier, Excel workbook is able to open but cannot move on, so I let it fail. However, in the field for “continue on error” I write “true”, in this case, I get to move on and do the other activities. I will also stress that, there is a slight wait during “start process” failure.

I have not heard of the “Monitor Events” activity, so I will take a look at it and see if it will help solve my issue.

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@William_Adomako, I apologize, I should have given my motive for the question. I was thinking that a “Monitor Events” might actually prevent the process from exiting if there was no flow control handling the loop counter. If you are able to share your sequence (and I realize sometimes that’s not possible), I’m sure someone in the forum will be willing and able to help.

@burque505 sorry for the late reply, I ve been unavailable for a while, for some reason it works, I am not sure what happened. the issue can be closed.