Start Menu Preventing Window to be Active

Hello Friends
I have this process which operates on an application in a unattended virtual machine.
For some reason the start menu is opened and prevents the application of interest to be active so that the process can continue.

Please Advice
I tried these: still doesnt work.

Hi @Hurmet_Noka

Please try activate activity and indicate the application you want to activate.

Please refer the below doc



Hi maximize windows only works inside browser.
Remove this from your code.

Only use open application and pass your application name.

Hopefully it will work

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Nothing works.
When the search menu pops up (for some reason) the process generates an error


One more idea we can use is use send hotkey activity and pass esc shortcut to it, hopefully it will close the start menu.

In the activity don’t indicate anything first if it does not work indicate any element in the start menu.



in order to close the StartMenu of the Windows, I successfully did that using 2 SendHotkey activities:

  • first, will just send the “Win” key to the Desktop (at the selector you need to use the desktop)
  • second, send the same “Win” key but without anything on the selector (leave empty)

Set both of them to ContinueOnError=true in order to deal with both situations (already opened StartMenu, closed StartMenu) without having an exception if the menu isn’t open.
Set Timeout=1000 (1s) for both in order to have them responding without waiting a very long time.
This was tested on WinServer2019 and Win10Pro successfully.

I hope it will help you

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Doesn’t work.
Plus sometimes the menu pops up sometimes not is unattended i can not know, i just get an email with screenshot in case of error and i see that the menu has popped up.

Okay then use element exists activity and indicate anything on start menu, and put an if condition and in then part of if close the start menu from any above solution.


I used them as below:
on the first indicated the window of the application of interest.

Still doesn’t work.
What do you mean to Desktop?

Thank You

Its a search menu, not a start menu.
Thank you

Take the selector of desktop in first send hot key window.

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Yes but esc shortcut will work for both.indicate anything on the search menu using element exists and check if it’s present.

If it’s present close the menu else do nothing.


When I hover using a send hotkey on start menu, it does not detect anything. Only the window behind it.

Thank You


It will be difficult to handle that pop-up as we don’t know when it appear.

I guess you need to do some setting changes in your windows system to disable that pop-up permanently. Have a look below thread to do that.


I removed the search bar and now its opening random application from pinned taskbar.
It clicks randomly here below:
Now it opened google Chrome in the middle of the process.


Are you clicking anything from Taskbar in your process ?

Nothing at all.
Thats why its strange
when is on attended mode it behaves properly, on unattended mode it randomly clicks something on the taskbar after some queue items are processed. sometimes on the first queue item.
Its so annoying.

So we cant solve this issue?


Ideally it should not click other elements if the selector is propper. No idea why it’s randomly opening some other applications and click other elements outside the process.

That Happens only on unattended mode…it clicks on the taskbar below at a certain position…randomly…it processes the first queue item or so and then it clicks…or it performs three successful queue item processing and then it clicks…that opens a window which then leads to an error as he UI element is behind the window and not visible anymore…