Start Job API

Hi all,
Am getting the below error, can anyone please help me in solving it. My requirement is that to login the orchestrator and to run the jobs.

This is the xaml file of it.

<file edited out by Staff>

This xaml file got from the forum itself.

Thanks in advance.


Can you try printing the result before parsing it?

I’m not able to open the file you have attached and can you post the status you got while getting this JSON?

Instead of parsing the json with jobject, use existing activities to deserialize and then parse it to get the required

Thanks for the reply @HareeshMR. Will try according to you said.

This is the output @HareeshMR.

Can you remove the screenshot please? It has sensitive info which is against the forum rules and data breach… @sushmithaelluru

I hope she is not aware of it @loginerror,
Can you do that ASAP please

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Fair point, please don’t share your usernames and passwords. I also edited the xaml file from your first post for the same reason.

As to the issue, the simple authenticate will no longer work with the cloud based Orchestrator instance. See a guide on how to authenticate here:

With some direct examples of how to call API in the same sample project here:

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Ok @loginerror, Thanks .