Start job and save variables from API Calls

Hi guys!

I’m in the middle of figuring out how to automate following proces:

  1. User types into searchfield on website of external company

  2. On pressing search the external company sends the search information to me(via some kind of call; API is the only i know of)

  3. On recieving this information in orchestrator (via API perhaps), it triggers the job and saves the search text into a variable

  4. The job uses this to search in a database

  5. Returns the found information via API back to the website which is then updated by the external company

  • I’m looking for something that is able to make the process run as fast as possible. My knowledge of API calls and saving variables from them or JSON files is limited. This entire field is not something i’ve touched at all. Therefore i am looking for help on what would be the best solution, if possible at all. I hope you can help lead me in a direction where i can read up on relevant info about any solution you might suggest :slight_smile:


Did you take a look at UiPath Apps? I think it can be much easier to achieve this using this technology.
For me, it seems like you want the user to have the autonomy to enter some input variables, then your robot executes the job, then it gives the user back some output variables.

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I did, issue is my employer doesn’t see this as the right solution, they want it integrated with the external website. So i’m wondering if it’s possible, with them sending some kind of “signal” to our orchestrator, to trigger a job and send something back.


Yes this is possible, if the external website and your orchestrator are in the same network (only if you use an on-premise orch).

Check this documentation :slight_smile: API References

Take a look also at this video, he explains very well how to use the APIs : Start UiPath Process from Postman (Orchestrator REST API) - YouTube or Start UiPath Process from Postman ON Premise (Orchestrator API) - YouTube if you have an on-prem orchestrator.

Please don’t hesitate if you have more specific questions about the use of APIs.

Good luck!

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Thank you! This is somewhat what i am looking for.

Although i do have a question in regards as to if it’s possible for web developers to send trigger this HTTP request directly on a click of a search button? Does it need to be done in postman / other API handling services, or can it be done just by code?


You can do it by code obviously and triggered by a click on a button. You just need to use a POST request (or GET depending on the API call) in the language of the developer (C++, C#, PHP…). example here : C# GET/POST request - how to send HTTP GET POST requests in C#

You have an exemple also here : Start UiPath Robots from the JavaScript (RobotJS) - YouTube
Don’t hesitate to check his other videos, it will give you inspirations!

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This has been a ton of help, thank you so much @melanie

So in my understanding the following proces is possible:

  1. Employee types in search criteria and clicks search.

  2. This triggers a POST request in the given language used on the website.

  3. POST Request triggers the robot and saves the search criteria into a variable along with the request.

  4. Automation runs

  5. Automation returns the result in a similar request back to the original website.

Thank you yet again :smiley:

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