Start Job and Passing parameter from One process to Process

How can I pass parameter from Process A to Process B using Start Job activity?

Process A is passing the parameter
Process B is displaying the parameter on the orchestrator but I can see it inside the log.

In addition below is the dispatcher process

How can I get the batchId number inside the performer process?

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Hey @John_Onyekachi_Michael

The arguments whatever being passed from here should also be configured as arguments with exact same name in the main file of the performer program.

If that’s available you can access the value with it.

Hope that helps.


Thanks but I have tried that did not work.

I can see the BatchID on the orchestrator Job details


But is not showing on the log message inside the process itself.


Did you give like this in log mesaage?


Thanks a lot @Anil_G it worked.

I made the Argument type a dictionary <string, string>

Really appreciate.

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