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I have 2 bots. Bot A contains a msg box and the same in Bot B as well. I am trying to call Bot B from Bot A by using ‘Start Job’ activity.
While running from orchestrator i am getting status as ‘Running’ followed by msg box present in Bot A and status went to ‘Faulted’. Bot B not called. What could be wrong ?

Kindly check with the processname in the property of start job for bot B buddy whether the process name in orchestrator for bot B matches with the one you are mentioning here in the studio with start job activity buddy @Robotics

Bot A - Properties - “Start_Job_2”
Bot B(File Name and Loc) - Documents\uipath\JOBS\Start_Job_2\Main.xaml

In Orchestrator - JOBS - Name of Bot B is - Start_Job_2_Test_Env

Any updates from anyone

May i have the screenshot of the properties in the start job inside your studio, that would help us buddy @Robotics


Bot A located in - C:\Users\Documents\UiPath\JOBS\Start_Job_1
Bot B located in - C:\Users\Documents\UiPath\JOBS\Start_Job_2

Can you provide me any sample xaml which works fine ?

Any updates …

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Mention as packageName_environment
So it would be like this


As this is the process name of bot B
Cheers @Robotics


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