Start job activity is not working in Desktop

HI Team,
I have tried with start job activity to call another process. its working fine in VM but its not working in desktop. In orchestrator, job shows as “Pending” state.
Studio- Licensed (2017.1.6522)
As studio 2017, don’t have a start job activity. so, i worked on the community edition and published the package in orchestrator and tried to run on licensed studio.
I tried with changing the roles also…

Can anyone help me on this issue?

Hi @GayathriMohan,
Check also if Robot and Orchestrator have compatible versions.

Hi @Pablito,
Thanks for your quick response
Used to Run:
Orchestrator version : 2018.3.1
Robot version : 2017.1.65 (licensed)

Used to Develop:
Robot version : 2018.1 (unlicensed)

Orchestrator will support both 2017 and 2018 Robots. i think there is no compatibility issue.

@ClaytonM and @ovi
Any suggestion for this issue?

If you say the job is going to “Pending” state, it seems the Start Job is working, however there could be no robot license for runtime available - check the license section of Orchestrator to make sure you have an available runtime.

I can’t speak on compatibility issues, and you’ll need to consult with UiPath on that one.

Thanks for your suggestion. let me check with uipath.