Start Job activity Enhancement

Hi Team,

Start Job activity is a useful activity but why we are not having an option to select specific robot?

If we could able to select a specific robot, then we might not have to use API to trigger a job.

Hi @sadeesh0592

There could be several reasons why a particular RPA platform does not offer the option to select a specific robot for the Start Job activity:

  1. The RPA platform may prioritize the efficient allocation of resources based on the availability and workload of robots. By automatically assigning jobs to available robots, the platform can optimize the execution of tasks and ensure the best utilization of resources.
  2. The platform may employ load balancing techniques to distribute the workload evenly across multiple robots. This approach aims to prevent overloading of individual robots and maintain optimal performance across the entire robot pool.



I agree with your points.

But still there would be another set of group who likes to start a job in specific robot. UiPath might have provided that facility as an optional one, so that if you want to mention a specific robot, you can otherwise start in any robot.

Hi @sadeesh0592

Thank you for your feedback. Although this activity is indeed meant to be rather simple, with Orchestrator setup handling the entire allocation process, we will have a look at what types of enhancements can be made to improve it.