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We need to use the activity of “Start Job” to link a generating process with another consumer process and for that we have thought about using the activity “Start Job”.

The problem we are having in that, when using this activity, in spite of filling the “ProcessName” field with the exact name that the publicity process has in the Orchestrator it is not able to recover it, giving us the failure that I show next:

We have been looking for information about it and we have found several entries that make reference to the call must be in “packageName_enviroment format” but we do not know that we have to take into account exactly to build this format.

I show you an image of the process hosted in orchestrator as well as the package and the environment in case you can help me mount the chain required by UiPath to make use of the “Start Job” activity:

Thank you very much in advance.

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Try “Consulta_Cobertyra_eterno_1” as ProcessName

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