Start Entering Excel Data from Second row till last row on webpage

Hello I am working on automation where I am inserting data on webpage from excel sheet what i am trying to do is first navigate to my target webpage → fill first row of excel data on the webpage → save it → go to homepage of website → now again go to target page → start inserting data from second row of excel sheet till last row on webpage so here i do not know how to start filling data from second it start again from 1st row

can anyone help me with this?

you can follow below steps

  1. Open the website [ Naviage to homepage ] using open browser activity

  2. Read the excel sheet containing data and store in dt1 variable

  3. use for each row to loop through each row of dt1

inside the for each row , do the following,
a. Use naviagate To Activity to naviage to target page
b. use type into activity, fill details from row of dt1 to the webpage
c. Now use naviagate to activity to move again to homepage

Hope the idea helps you

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Nived N
Happy Automation

@NIVED_NAMBIAR i am able to fill the form but my point is After Entering 1st Entry from Excel I am saving the that from next i am visiting that page so it should start from second row excel sheet so how to take next entry based on latest update entry on webpage