Start a job via the Orchestrator API

How to start a job through the detailed steps of the Orchestrator API

How can I solve this Problem?

Are you sure you are using correct access token?

Check this post for reference:

I got access token according to your steps in this article, but it seems that I didn’t use it in the start a job, so I just don’t know how to operate next.


If you follow HareeshMR’s instructions, the last token you get (as shown in the snippet from his article) is the API Access Token you use as your bearer token when making API Calls. It is only valid for 24 hours, and then expires, and you need to refresh it as per the instructions.

Using Postman, the POST request for adding a Queue Item looks as follows (Your url and body will be different):

  • Note the FolderPath header. I believe it is required.
  • Note the Authorization header has the bearer token.

URL and Headers:



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Thank you very much, I finally know where the problem is, it has been solved, thank you.


By-the-way, I have a new blog posting that explains the REST API stuff and provides a NodeJS library to generate all the security information automatically.

I’ll be using this library with a client, so it will be getting a real world testing very soon!