StanfordCoreNLP Text Analysis

Hello Everyone,

I have set up a StanfordCoreNLP Text Analysis workflow and on executing the workflow, all the tokens i.e. words in the sentence alongwith symbols like ", : \n " are being tagged by some Named Entity, means the predictions are wrong. Whereas when executing the same sentence using StanfordCoreNLP engine independently, it gives correct results.

It is giving wrong results in UiPath.

Output from StanfordCoreNLP Engine:
Text is “==” NamedEntityTag=O
Text is “:” NamedEntityTag=O
Text is “Mexican” NamedEntityTag=NATIONALITY

Output from UiPath:
Components:(==, Festival)
Components:(:, Organization)
Components:(Mexican, Location)
Components:(***, NUMBER)

If anyone has faced similar instance, help appreciated.
Would also like to know about the “AnalysisType” from the Properties panel of the TextAnalysis Activity.



I tried the NlP same workflow, it is giving tokens as output

i am stuck in the scenario where we want the entire two words to be clubbed together and should be detected as a person name, but in UiPath we get single word at at time.

Can someone help???