Stanford NLP in UiPath

Can anyone help on what is Stanford nlp in UiPath?

Hi @MaheshShelke,

Refer the below thread for reference

So basically its a technology similar to Google and IBM watson, you can use these and make api requests to Stanford CoreNLP server and do some text analysis, so basically Stanform NLP will come under cognitive abilities.

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THanks :slight_smile:

Not able to access the http://localhost:9000/ server instance? can anyone help me on this

  1. How to connect to http://localhost:9000/ server instance?
  2. What are the default credentials that we need to pass in text analysis activity properties?
  3. Do we require NLP server OR is there any direct API available in UiPath?

Hi @MaheshShelke,
Localhost means that something is placed on local computer on which you are working. Rest of question are related to something I’m not familiar with. Could you describe something more?

Thanks for your reply.
This is server name which is mentioned in the sample xaml file. I am not able to connect to this server due to which not able to get the output from the text analysis activity.

Is there any pre defined API in UiPath, if yes then please guide me through.

Hi @MaheshShelke

Which activity do you want to use? :slight_smile:

Stanford NLP.pdf (78.4 KB)

I am using Stanford NLP (Text analysis Activity)

I have attached the snapshot for the same.

I am using Stanford NLP (Text Analysis Activity) where we have to mention the server name which is by default localhost…

I am not able to access this server, so my question is do we have any inbuilt API in UiPath or any other Server?

I have attached the snapshot for the same
Stanford NLP.pdf (78.4 KB)

Also if we are using Stanford NLP, then do we need server or NOT?

Hi @MaheshShelke

It might be that you need to install the Stanford NLP if you want to connect to it with your localhost ip address:

I’m sure the official docs should be clean enough on how to consume the service.

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Hi @loginerror

How do I get stanford NLP api’s access ?

How do I use Stanford NLP for text analysis, can you send a sample to view how its done?

Can any one reply on this?

Can you provide how to use Stanford NLP activity or any NLP activity