Standalone Orchestrator password reset

Dear @login

I forgot the admin password for standalone Orchestrator on windows server now account got locked.

I tried to reset password link but it’s not working. Please share how to reset the password.

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Contact UIPath support team they will help you.

@ovi @loginerror

Please help him to reset the password.

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Hi All,
I forget the credentials of Licensed version of Orchestrator which I’ve had installed on my company premises. But now I am trying to log in with the default credentials I’m not able to log in, I forget the emails I’d and username which I have used while register.
@loginerror Please help how can I recover my account. Or do I need to contact to the UiPath team?
My Account has locked. Attached the screenshot.

Hi @balkishan

Please contact our support for assistance :slight_smile:

Thanks i had contacted Uipath support team and they helped.


@loginerror… I have a similar issue getting this error: “You can’t reset your own password because password writeback isn’t turned on for your organization. You must contact your administrator to check your organization’s setup.”

We have the cloud orchestrator, not on prem. How does the organization enable password writeback option as I’m the administrator?

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Hi @Ashley_Black

Would you mind creating a ticket with our Automation Cloud support via this form?

Our team will have a look!