Stand Alone Installation of Attended Robot 2022.4.1


I need to perform a stand- Alone installation of an Uipath Attended Robot v22.4.1.

My company purchased a licenses key, that has to be installed on a StandAlone mode.

I read the Installation documentation on this link Installing the robot.

The point 7 states that

However it seems that at no moment i have the possibility to enter a Stand Alone License when i choose to install the Attended Robot.

I downloaded the msi file from this link :

Can someone explain how to perform this installation.
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Which option did you select at step1 and step4?
(Did you select Install for all users on this computer in step4?)


Hello, Thank you for your response.

here are the path followed

1 Custom installation
2 Install for me only
3 Attended Robot

I am thinking, do i need to have an account cloud.Uipath to enter the license ?

Thank you


The document says

This option is available only when installing for all users on the machine.

So you need to choose not “Install for me only” but “all user”.

Or try to activate the license after installing using UiPath.LicenseTool.exe


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Oh ! that’s exactly it.

I would have thought that a stand alone license could be installed for only 1 Microsoft user.
Thank you, The problem is solved !

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