Stable Orchestrator Connection Issues

Hello Everyone,

I’m having issues on a client’s server when attempting to maintain a connection between UiPath Assistant and the Orchestrator. Initially, I found that a stable connection couldn’t be made via Chrome and persisting errors about licensing were appearing despite only myself using this orchestrator through the community version. Eventually I managed to successfully connect via Edge; however, the next day I found the preference changed from Edge to Chrome. Additionally, I’ve been receiving persistent messages, whilst logged into the tenant, that the session expired despite only just logging in.

Once a stable connection was established via chrome, further development of the Object Repository seemed possible until I attempted to add new screens/elements. The newly created screens/elements weren’t appearing and when attempts were made to re-create the screen an error appeared detailing the fact that it already existed but it wasn’t visible for me. Additionally, the greying out of the screens and elements persisted, which stopped me developing any further.

Colleagues think it could be firewall related but we wondered if this issue had affected others in the past and if there were known solutions to address the issue. The below screenshot is the error message now appearing when attempts are made to connect UiPath Assistant to Orchestrator via Edge.

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It’s looks like a localhost url ?


Did you copied the correct url from the orchestrator and pasted iot in the uipath assistant? Alos are you able to login to Orchestrator using edge?

Yeah, the localhost URL is appearing when I attempt to ‘sign in’ from Assistant. I’ve been able to sign in to the Orchestrator via the browser (Chrome & Edge) but I keep receiving messages saying that my session has ended when signed into Orchestrator via the browser.

I’ve also been able, on occasions, to link the Orchestrator with the Assistant and so the correct Orchestrator URL and machine key is being used.

I appreciate it’s an odd one