ST-USG-010, ST-USG-009 not seeing in StudioX

Hello, I have added rule ST-USG-010, ST-USG-009 in Workflow Analyzer rule in Orchestrator and when I opened my workflow in StudioX, I do not see it as part of the rule. Are these rules limited to only Studio? How can I enforce an activity to be mandatory in my workflow? Is this possible in StudioX?

Thank you.


I think these two rules are not available in studiox. I too don’t see in my studiox. In studio we do have option to remove un used variables. But in studiox I don’t see such option. Please refer the below link for reference on the discussion related to removal un used variable in studiox.

does these two help instead?

These are default in studiox

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I have added ST_USG_024 and ST-USG-027 in the rule, the goal is to send Error if the Activity is not in the workflow. With this rule, when I commented out or activity is disabled, it does not error because the variable is still exists. I wanted to error and not publish when this activity or variable is not used or missing in the workflow. Is there a possible rule I can use?