SSO Account Woes

Multiple issues. 1) Errantly created new account as my SSO account… now the only way I can access my “tclukay” account, which is tied to my email address, in the forum is to use the “old” signon. This needs to be fixed.

  1. My academy account (tom.clukay) is a DIFFERENT email account. I originally signed up with the same gmail account, but had to replace it with my WORK email account ( to gain access to locked down training sessions only authorized to UiPath customers.

How do we get all these accounts consolidated together into a single user ID and password???

Hi @tclukay,
Thanks for giving the feedback :slight_smile:
Please in the future use UserVoice category to let us know about such issues.

Let me invite @loginerror who will help with this

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Hey @tclukay

So, let’s bring it to a private message and sort it out :slight_smile:

I am facing this problem. I’ve multiple accounts logged in my browser, forum chooses a random account. I can’t pick which account I want use to be.

Just for the record and to clear up confusion (as we’ve found a workaround via a PM).

If your UiPath Cloud Account ( has a different email than the Forum account and you are already logged in on the with another email in the same browser, then the Forum will ask you to create a new user (in case there wasn’t any yet for that email).

If your wish is to use two different emails for and Forum (both with a UiPath SSO), then a workaround would be to use two browser profiles for each UiPath Account.

In short, UiPath SSO will automatically log you in if it finds out that you have active login session via cookies per browser.

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Okay, so I think I understand how this works for the most part now… and I realize that the Academy is not SSO as yet. But now what I’m wondering is, I have TWO academy accounts: one under my personal email and one under my company email (that has access to additional secured courses). I hate having 2 academy accounts, I would dearly love to consolidate them BOTH (with respective course history) under a single account using my PERSONAL email account.

I tried logging into the WORK account which has access to the secured classes and changing my password to my PERSONAL email, but the site wouldn’t save my changes.


For that, you can make a request via our academy support form.

To actually merge the two you will have to contact academy support as it requires some admin work.

But on top of that, there is an issue in academy that makes it impossible to save the email change. A fix for that is expected to hit the production tomorrow.