SSL error with http request



I’m trying to use Uipath in a development project. I’m trying to use Http Request from Uipath studio to make a REST call to our server. But I get error message " The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel".

Is there a way to install our certficate in Uipath Studio or turn off SSL verification?


Hi Mattias Gradin,

Did you get any resolution for this issue. Even i am also getting similar error when i tried to connect to some application through https.

Really appreciated if you would share some thought on this.



Yes I actually have! The problem was our certificate, it was configured incorrectly on our server, so we made a new certification and installed it on the client side. Then I could supply the login to our service with Basic Auth and get a 200 response from our server.

We use Websphere Application Server, it was IBM BPM that I was trying to connect to. Hope some of this information helps!


I have the very same problem, also trying to call IBM BPM. Maybe you can add some details of how you fixed it?

  1. What was the problem with the original certificate?
  2. What did you do to correct that?
  3. How did you install the new certificate on the client?

Thanks, Jan


is there any update on this topic?


My robot is disconnected all the time.So i did a lot of research on the issue as to how resolve it.
I found this guide-

ye the problem persists. I also want to know that if we need to create the domain certificate (as mentioned in the steps)on a remote desktop or on the same machine in which we are working.