SSH connection, Linux and Cisco activity

Automating networks, firewalls, routers, switches can be done, but we have no activity to connect with ssh and tan perform some actions in Cisco switches or Linux servers

So SSH activites

@Radomir_Ivankovic: I agree that ssh activities are missing from UiPath, even thought there is a labs activity “Connection to SSH Server”.
The actual request I have is,
SSH activities using UI (putty,mobaxterm or anything else) like the terminal activities, because there are many cases where the ssh connection without tty can not handle. i.e.

  • scripts that use menus
  • scripts that expect answers from users.
  • cases you have to change to another user and execute commands
  • .Net SSH issues with user profile loading and more.

So, I believe that asking to change Linux/Unix code or searching for workarounds in order to accomplish executions with UiPath is not RPA.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

So, just to explain myself a bit more.

Idea is to have connector, that will do the same as you would have putty, and also that it can read returns. So communication with Linux systems and reading what is system returning. Why is this important?

All cisco equipment system is based on Linux, so all Network and Internet (telecommunication, internet etc) automation can be safely done like this.

Imagine having this activities and then you need to update all systems on cisco routers and switches.


Customer service in Internet provider companies

For example:
Customer is saying that wifi is not working, and then customer center agent with his floating bot initiate some action, robot goes to router and performs return to factory defaults…

In every big chain companies they have equipment that is on network, all those updates and changes can be performed with bots.

but, if activity can have customization, that means that we can perform automation on all Linux Servers

that would mean that UiPath would be able to perform automation in Linux environments.


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