Srno not getting updated

i have 5 columns
{in_srno,in_sub, “’” + in_MasterRow(“rollno”).ToString, in_marks, in_grade}

sr no is rowno,but its not getting updated

Hi @Ananya1 can you share your xaml file?



Are you manually writing the value to the data table? I mean, 0 is the initial value you have declared to write in the excel, then increase it by one using assign for the next loop so that it will get updated and write into excel @Ananya1

BOT is doing
could u plz send screenshot

share your workflow @Ananya1

Just increment that counter which u have initialize for sr_No…

what have u written in write cell?

I have used “A”+Count.tostring for writing sr no from A2

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

where you get an error
? pls share screenshot…I think you havent set default value for varible
or maybe no data is coming in that var