Sql to Excel then edit save and upload to blob

My scenario here is I am opening a query and using that list to monitor customers. Still, sometimes a customer ID will show different results when I search online for them, so I want UiPath to take the customer ID and send that to a custom excel sheet, input the customer ID from the query, and add a custom text. What would this process look like? I have made a similar one, but never from a query. After it has run through the query list, I will save the excel file and upload it to blob storage. Any thoughts on how this process would look like?


  1. As you have the data in a datatable or excel …we can use a for each row and loop through each row and get the customer id needed and add required text using currentrow("customerid").ToString + "extracttext"
  2. Upload to blob is a direct activity you only need to pass the file location and the blob locations


@Anil_G I can see how that will work, but I am failing somewhere else before I can get that data. For some odd reason, I can’t get excel even to write, even though to me, this looks accurate. I made a template copy to see if I could get it to write an excel line for me, and still nothing. Any thoughts? I am using “for each row data table” as “Current Row”, and changed “for each Row excel” to “Recent Row.”


Its a huge workflow…Not able to see fully.

But to understand can you try running in debug use step into and check the locals panel to understand more…

If you identify any speicifc step failing then try showing that

And also auto increment works inside a loop and it counter will be different for each excel scope so make sure you use it property…what I mean is…say in first iteration the left excel scope is used and in second if right excel scope is working then the value will be same for both…there is no increment that would happen

Rather try using index property in for loop if the identification is not proper


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