SQL Server host is required

"SQL Server host is required"

This issue comes up when the install.json file of a multi node installation is missing a SERVER_NAME parameter to one of the services to be installed.

Option 1 (assuming successful primary node install on a windows server 2016 machine for webadmin module):

Try regenerating the install.json file:

  1. Navigate to the installation directory of your primary Orchestrator.
  2. Open the Orchestrator installation directory and execute Generate-ParametersFile.ps1. Note: The appPool custom user password must be passed unless appPoolIdentity is used for authentication.
  3. A JSON file is generated based upon the configuration files and environment of the existing Orchestrator.
  4. Using this file, complete the secondary node installation.

Option 2:

Try adding the missing server name manually:

  1. Navigate to your install.json file that you're using for node 2.
  2. Have the customer retry the install with the following parameters (where applicable) added to the install.json file:




Note: DB_SERVER_NAME as mentioned in the documentation only works on the primary node.