Sql query error

Hi @supermanPunch @balupad14

This sql query is working fine while working manually
But not in Ui path
pls validate

You did not provide much information to validate :frowning:

From the “near ‘go’” in the screenshot I suspect your SQL statement is not a quety => a select statement, but rather non-query => you should use “Execute non-query” activity.



Can you please provide SQL query which you are using, so that we can check what might went wrong?
Using above info its difficult to provide comments on it.

USE Summit


select * from dbo.VW_ITSAutomation_Data

where [Host Name] like ‘IN-%’

Remove this from the query.

I think you can remove “go” from the query and try it once.
If still error exist, please let us know what error its showing after removing it.