Spring Cleaning for Orchestrator Community Edition

Spring Cleaning for Orchestrator Community Edition

We are reaching out again because we are performing routine maintenance and we’ve found invalid email addresses among the tenant admins and users on Orchestrator CE: https://platform.uipath.com - such as ‘test@test.com’.

As part of these maintenance procedures, we will continue only with the tenants that have valid email addresses, disabling the rest. Take a few minutes to look at the email addresses used within your tenants, and check their validity, correcting any mishaps before April 28th 2019.

Big thanks for all your help!


Thanks for sharing @ovi!

@ovi Hi,
How do you know test@test.com is invalid? www.test.com does exist and could have a valid e-mail account called test@test.com.
Does this mean that all e-mail addresses from a private webservers will be invalid?

Just checking :slight_smile:

PS, i’ve used test@test.com as well as a test account once :blush:

Hi @MickeyFireMouse

No, the email addresses from private webservers won’t be invalid. We just assumed that the ones having test@test.com are not valid. We are not removing these based on names but on the activity. If an email address is attached to multiple tenants and only one of them is used, we’ll remove the other one.

The validity of the email was not imposed back in the day and since we started some maintenance work on Orchestrator CE we thought it would be a good time to remove the unused accounts. Also, there was a problem before with changing the password and most of the people who forgot their psw had to create a new tenant.

So, if you your name is Tester, you are still good :joy:



Haha :rofl: