Spotify: Create Playlist api help needed --> gives 401 authorization error

I want to create a playlist via the create playlist api from spotify.

I get an 401 Authorization error. What am i doing wrong?

I already tried to set authentication to oauth2.0 and value “waarde” (name of variable) but that does not work and the value keeps being emptied.


First try the call on postman and you can copy curl and import that way it is easy to use this


sorry, I’m such a newbee on api’s… how do I call on postman?


Go to postman fill the api and related details and tun and check there…that si better for debugging api…once running use curl… is the site


Hi Anil,
thank you! Now following an API/Postman training @ udemy.

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So here we are again. With help from friends, the internet and udemy, I’ve created a working postman collection. Hooray!

See the attachment for the postman_collection.

But now the next step?
Can you help me convert the code into UiPath code?

My goal is to connect to spotify api. Is it necessary to keep using postman in the UiPath code?

Spotify Playlist Generator.postman_collection.json (13.9 KB)

Thanks in advance!

@Anil_G can you help me?


Now in postman you can copy the curl and import it using http request activity…all the data for a call will be imported into right fields


Thank you @Anil_G!! It was quite a puzzle but in the end, I’m able to create and edit playlists in spotify.

I am wondering: now UiPath robot makes a call to a postman redirect_uri.

Is it also possible to make a own redirect_uri?

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